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I’m thrilled to announce the release of SAVAGE, the follow-up to the international hit, BEHEMOTH. As a special perk, I’m offering SAVAGE to all of you at a significant discount. For the next week, the eBook will cost just $0.99. The paperback, in turn, will be priced at $9.99. After that, prices will rise to $3.99 and $14.99, respectively. So, make sure to get your copy as soon as possible!

SAVAGE, the second book in the Apex Predator series, depicts Zach Caplan’s desperate search for survival in the midst of the Behemoth Apocalypse. Full of thrills and surprises, the pre-publication response has been tremendous.

“A SAVAGE twist on the apocalypse!  David Meyer’s take on the post-apocalyptic thriller is sure to satisfy readers of science fiction and classic adventure alike!” ~David Wood, author of the Dane Maddock Adventures

“Raging, rip-roaring prehistoric predator mayhem in a post-apocalyptic world! SAVAGE, David Meyer’s second installment in his riveting Apex Predator series, ramps up the adrenaline-fueled pandemonium to a degree I never thought possible.” ~Rick Chesler, author of Landing Party and Jurassic Dead

Now, let’s check out SAVAGE!

SAVAGE by David Meyer

Savage Excerpt

Zach Caplan tightened his grip on the steering wheel as a distant roar accosted his ears. It lasted no more than a few seconds before giving way to eerie silence. There was no response. No sudden bursts of gunfire, no rushing jets, no booming explosions. All of those noises had ceased months earlier. Which could only mean one thing.

The war between mankind and beast was over.

And mankind had lost.

The war between mankind and beast is over.

And mankind lost.

Earth lies in ruins. Billions of people are dead. Enormous creatures—behemoths—tower over everything, devastating cities and feeding on the scattered remnants of humanity.

Zach Caplan is a survivor. After war broke out, he fled to Maine’s remote wilderness. Hiding in the shadows, he salvaged supplies and lived off the dying land. He thought he was safe. But a sudden and brutal attack proved otherwise.

Rising from the ashes, he launches a desperate search for answers. Unfortunately, the stakes are higher than he could ever imagine. For a terrifying new threat is on the horizon. And Caplan is the only thing standing between mankind and a fate worse than extinction.

Survival expert Zach Caplan faces the behemoth apocalypse in this spectacular new novel from international bestselling author David Meyer!


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