BEHEMOTH reviewed in Nashua Telegraph

BEHEMOTH by David Meyer

BEHEMOTH review time! So, BEHEMOTH got a very nice review from the Nashua Telegraph recently. I haven’t really sought out many professional reviews in my career, primarily because I don’t do a lot of marketing. But I recently decided to give it a try and I’m glad I did. Here’s a taste …

BEHEMOTH REVIEW (Nashua Telegraph)

“Meyer’s writing is the best parts of the style of a Michael Crichton or a Tom Clancy. He also gives a supernatural, Stephen King-type feel to his personification of the creepy forest and its dark secrets. This adventure is bold and exciting, and postulates some real-world concerns and a fatalistic future. I’m thrilled that “Behemoth” is the first book in Meyer’s “Apex Predator” series – and only slightly miffed that I must wait to find out what happens to these characters next.”

Read the rest here. And if you haven’t read BEHEMOTH yet, pick up your copy today!


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