And So It Begins … (Crashcourse, Day 1)

Welcome to Crashcourse!

Creative juices don't fail me now!
What am I getting myself into here???

The most common question I get from readers is: Where do you get your ideas? Well, guess what?

You’re about to find out.

What is Crashcourse?

Crashcourse is the working title for my next novel. It has no special significance. It just popped into my head and I’m going with it. It’s almost certain I’ll change it prior to publication.

This blog series is my attempt to document Crashcourse’s development. Right now, I’ve got nothing. No ideas, no characters, no settings. I’m going to start from scratch with nothing more than a fake title. So, this series will depict my entire creative process from beginning to end, laughs and tears alike. You’ll see how I create and develop characters and settings. You’ll watch as I work without an outline, driving the story forward and backward, dreaming up new ideas and dropping old ones. I’ll try to keep it visual too, with character sketches, photographs, maybe even the occasional movie. In short, you’ll see everything EXCEPT the actual book. Fair warning … spoilers are likely. Heck, they’re practically unavoidable since I won’t even know what’s a true spoiler until after the fact. Still, I’ll try to keep them limited so I don’t ruin your enjoyment of the final product.

Why Should I Care?

If you’re a fan of my stories, that question should be easy to answer. But even if you’ve never read one of my books, this should still be a lot of fun.

Most, if not all, writers work in seclusion. We spend a lot of time alone, thinking up ideas and pounding away at our keyboards. Plus, we’re a cagy bunch and protective of our work habits. As a result, the art of writing a book is often seen as mysterious, even mystical. This is your chance to see how one particular writer crafts a story out of thin air, with no planning or outlines.

Thanks for joining me on this journey … I hope you enjoy it!

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