Cy Reed Visits ShadowFire HQ

In today’s edition of Cryptic, Cy Reed visits ShadowFire HQ. Plus, an important new symbol harks the coming of dark times. And oh yeah, have you bought Vapor yet?

Cy Reed Visits ShadowFire HQ

You’ll find the latest edition of Cryptic, “Cy Reed Visits ShadowFire HQ,” below. Cryptic, as a brief reminder, is our working title for Cy’s personal journals during the time period encompassed by Chaos. This week’s entry begins shortly after Cy exits ShadowFire HQ. Much has changed … for one thing, he’s been saddled with Beverly Ginger for a partner. As most of you know, this marks a major turning point in Cy’s life, although he didn’t know it at the time. More importantly, Cy comes across a brand new symbol, not far from Diane Blair’s apartment. Freshly painted and ominous, it hints at dark times ahead, both for him as well as for the children of Manhattan. As always, enjoy! And if you need to catch up on old entries, make sure to visit the Cy Reed world.

Bought Vapor?

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Cy Reed Visits ShadowFire HQ

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