Do Woolly Mammoths still Exist?

The last woolly mammoth died off around 1700 BC on Russia’s Wrangel Island. Or did it?

The Mysterious Woolly Mammoth Video?

Check out this footage of a supposed woolly mammoth. It was supposedly captured last summer by a Russian engineer. According to The Sun, this person was in Siberia at the time, surveying for a new road. Some people believe it shows a woolly mammoth struggling to cross a river. The article even claims hair samples from the beast match up with those obtained from woolly mammoth carcasses.

Guerrilla Explorer’s Analysis

I’ve spoken at length about my views on cryptozoology. In my mind, the most believable cryptids are so-called sea monsters such as the Daedalus Sea Serpent and the Valhalla Sea Serpent. On the other hand, I’m highly suspicious of claims about undiscovered, land-based megafauna. Unfortunately, this video does nothing to change my mind. It’s blurry and short. The “tusks” don’t appear to attach to the creature’s skull and seem to flop around with the current. Suspiciously, the video cuts off before the creature’s legs and lower body become visible.

Assuming it’s not an out-and-out hoax, I think it looks most like a large bear carrying a fish. Here’s more on this mysterious “woolly mammoth” from The Sun:

A beast lurches through icy waters in a sighting a paranormal investigator thinks could prove woolly mammoths are not extinct after all. The animal – thought to have mostly died out roughly 4,000 years ago – was apparently filmed wading through a river in the freezing wilds of Siberia.

…Its hair matches samples recovered from mammoth remains regularly dug up from the permafrost in frozen Russia…

(See Woolly Mammoth Spotted in Siberia for the rest)

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