First Review for Chaos…

Many thanks to Rae at Best O’ Books for reviewing my upcoming novel, Chaos. She gave it four out of five and her comments were exceedingly generous.Chaos by David Meyer

First Review of Chaos!

Here’s a taste…

Mr. Meyer writes a fast-paced, engaging tale that would make an excellent movie. As I was reading, I was imagining the scenes being played out in Hollywood. This book would fall into the genre of adventure, and I would liken it to the Indiana Jones movies. Character development is barely sketched out because the story is plot-driven, and we are only given the details we need to know to further the story.

This might not have been the type of book I feel most comfortable reading, but it was still a pleasant read for me and I appreciate the talent of the author and his enthusiasm both in real-life and on paper is contagious.

High praise indeed and I appreciate every word of it. You can read her full review here. I’ll be talking quite a bit about Chaos this month. It’s my first novel and filled with all the things we love here at Guerrilla Explorer…treasure, mysteries of history, cryptids, strange science, conspiracies, and the like. You can pick it up pretty much anywhere ebooks are sold and physical copies will be available through Thanks Rae!

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