Ice Storm is Here!

Ice Storm is Here!

Ice Storm is an action/adventure novel and the second in the Cy Reed Adventure series after Chaos. It features all of the things you’ve come to expect from me…forgotten history, crumbling ruins, lost treasure, and strange monsters. If you like Indiana Jones or novels by the likes of Clive Cussler, James Rollins, Steve Berry, or Douglas Preston, then Ice Storm is perfect for you.

You can pick up an e-reader version at any of the retail outlets listed below as well as the paperback at (all outlets should be available in a few days).


Ice StormIce Storm by David Meyer

Deep in the heart of Antarctica lies a forgotten military installation. Deadly secrets are secured behind its doors…including the remnants of a decades-old plot to devastate mankind.

Disgraced treasure hunter Cy Reed is on the trail of an incredible treasure when a cargo ship mysteriously explodes. At the same time, a team of geologists makes an astonishing discovery that could rewrite ancient history. And a beast of impossible origins unleashes a bloody rampage across the ice.

As Reed unravels the mysteries behind Antarctica’s dark past, he begins to uncover a sinister conspiracy. Plagued by ferocious storms and betrayed on all sides, he races toward an inevitable clash that could salvage his ruined reputation…or unleash hell upon the world.

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