My Interview with Megalith

I had the pleasure of being interviewed about Chaos by M over at the awesome Megalith blog recently. Megalith is a site “dedicated to reviewing action-adventure, thriller, and mystery novels.”

Chaos by David Meyer

My Interview with Megalith on Chaos

Here’s an excerpt…

Q: Sounds like my kind of book! So, is this your run-of-the mill action/adventure story? What sets it apart from other books?

A: I should start out by saying that the seed for Chaos was planted a few years back when I was tromping through an abandoned subway tunnel with my future wife (yes, she still married me!). As I passed through a particularly desolate stretch, I found myself wondering: What if someone hijacked a subway train? It wasn’t the most original question in the world. After all, a similar premise underlies Morton Freedgood’s novel, The Taking of Pelham One Two Three. But while Freedgood saw the subway system as a unique crime scene, I saw it as a “lost world” full of crumbling ruins, dangerous natives, and metal monsters.

Head on over to his site to read the rest. Thanks M!

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