The Baltic Anomaly: The Nazi Connection?

The investigation of the Baltic Anomaly is ongoing and many questions remain. But a new theory recently emerged. Was the Baltic Anomaly caused by Nazi troops?

Background on the Baltic Anomaly

On June 19, 2011, the Ocean X Team used side-scan sonar to “photograph” a massive object deep in the Baltic Sea, approximately 260 feet below surface. Peter Lindberg, co-founder of the Ocean X Team, jokingly declared “Hey guys, we have a UFO!” However, after a large publicity campaign and a new expedition, the Ocean X Team discovered the Anomaly primarily consisted of large rocks. The exact nature of those rocks, which we call the Circle, as well as a 985 foot runway leading up to them (the Tracks), remain mysteries.

Is the Baltic Anomaly a Nazi Artifact?

Expressen, one of Sweden’s two nationwide evening tabloid newspapers, conducted the first official interview with the Ocean X Team. Now, Expressen is back with a new theory on the subject…they interviewed a former submarine officer named Anders Autellus on the subject and he speculated the Baltic Anomaly is actually a product of the Nazi war effort.

During the early 1940s, Nazi forces controlled the Baltic Sea. But Soviet submarines were still able to sneak into it via the Gulf of Finland. After destroying just one ship in 1941, the Soviets began to pick up the pace, knocking over more than 20 ships in 1942. In March 1943, the Nazis retaliated by placing a 30 nautical mile long anti-submarine net across the Gulf of Finland. They used two layers of steel mesh. This did the trick, at least for the next eighteen months.

It appears Autellus thinks the Circle might actually be an old anchor for one of these nets. The actual net was either removed or perhaps, rusted away since that time. The strange “egg shaped” hole found on the Circle could be an old attachment for the net. According to Ocean X Team diver Stefan Hogeborn, the theory is plausible since the Circle appears to be “cast in layers.” Also, the net could’ve caused the Tracks. For example, it might’ve dragged along the seabed at one point. Or it might’ve just sank and spread out.

Does the Nazi Theory Hold Water?

It’s a neat, tidy theory. But it’s also got holes. Lots of them. Peter Lindberg himself, in a long interview conducted on the Ocean X Team’s Facebook page last night, claimed he was 99% certain the Circle was a natural formation. Also, the anti-submarine anchor theory doesn’t explain the blackened interior of the Circle. Nor does it explain the lack of silt in the area.

But that’s not the worst criticism. Check out this video to see Nazi soldiers laying a submarine net in the Gulf of Finland. I assume Autellus believes the Circle is one of the circular anchors used in the film (see 0:33). Well, the anchors are circular alright. They’re also tiny. By point of reference, the Ocean X Team’s Circle is 200 feet in diameter.

Guerrilla Explorer’s Analysis

It’s possible Autellus is thinking of some other type of anchor. But to be honest, a 200 foot diameter anchor would be gigantic. An anchor that size doesn’t make sense.For now, we’re sticking with our original theory. We continue to think one or more extinguished hydrothermal vents created the Baltic Anomaly. When hot water was expelled from these black smokers, it caused dissolved minerals to be driven outward. These materials eventually cooled and hardened in the water, forming the strange Circle-shaped object. Eventually, the vents “died.”

“A vent can “die” at any time for several reasons. For example, seismic activity might cause a chimney to collapse. Fluid would then build up in the blocked vent, effectively choking it out. Or the hydrothermal fluid could simply run out, exhausting the vent.” ~ David Meyer, The Baltic Anomaly: The Lost Updates?

Bolstering this theory is the presence of what appears to be an active hydrothermal vent several miles from the Circle.

“Apparently, the Ocean X Team spotted a 50-meter high mountain shaped like a volcanic cone in the vicinity of the Baltic Anomaly. An ‘indefinable cloud’ oozed out of its peak. The Team speculated this cloud was actually boiling water. The whole thing was shrouded in ‘very bright red light’ and fish ‘showed unusual patterns of movement.”‘ Incidentally, this structure may account for the mysterious ‘Rock.‘” ~ David Meyer, The Baltic Anomaly: Is it a Black Smoker?

Here’s how Peter described it during last night’s interview.

“The strange about the cloud is that it looked like a very distinct ‘plume’ of something that catched the echo sounder beams so hard that it looked like a big rock hoovering in midwater, above the “volcano”. I think we might have found something which is active in the way of like a “black smooker” or that maybe heated water is jetting out under high pressure. But this was not in the area of the circle, this volcano was found many miles away. We will certanly go back and try to find out if the “plume” just was a very densed shool of fish or something else.”

The biggest drawback to our hydrothermal vent theory has always been the lack of volcanic activity in the Baltic Sea. However, a hydrothermal vent doesn’t necessarily require a volcanically active location. They generally occur when seawater works its way beneath the Earth’s crust near subduction zones (subduction zones are places where two tectonic plates converge with each other). The seawater is heated by the steaming hot magma and spews back out into the sea through fissures.

Well, that’s it for now. Tomorrow, we’ll take a closer look at Peter’s interview. He provided some new information on the Anomaly and offered some fascinating insights as well. Come back tomorrow to check it out!


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