The Dasnoe Letter: Welcome to Apex Predator!

We are pleased to announce the launch of our Apex Predator site! Behemoth, the first book in the Apex Predator world, is still in production. But in the meantime, we’d like to whet your appetites with a little taste of our newest acquisition, a treasure trove of letters, photos, and other items straight from the ill-fated Dasnoe Expedition of 1904. First up … the infamous Dasnoe Letter, reporting on the existence of ungodly creatures in the mysterious Vallerio Forest! And on a side note, have you bought Vapor yet?

The Dasnoe Letter

As I mentioned earlier, today marks the official launch of our Apex Predator site. Apex Predator’s origins lie in the private—and gated—Vallerio Forest. As some of you already know, famous zoologist Professor Joseph Dasnoe led a well-known expedition—reporters of the time compared it to the Lewis & Clark expedition—to the Vallerio in 1904. The expedition ended in awful tragedy and Professor Dasnoe spent the rest of his rather short life working to destroy the Vallerio and everything in it. Today’s document, the recently-restored Dasnoe Letter (Professor Dasnoe’s first letter to then-President Theodore Roosevelt) hints at the ungodly creatures that once inhabited the Vallerio. You can read the Dasnoe Letter below.

At the moment, the Apex Predator site is pretty bare. Expect that to change as we head toward Behemoth’s launch date. So, stick around … there’s lots to come!

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The Dasnoe Letter

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