The Hidden Side of Easter Island?

Probably all of you have seen pictures of Easter Island’s famous mo‘ai. But the statues are much larger than those pictures suggest. Back in 1987, Thor Heyerdahl received permission to temporarily excavate the tallest statue on Easter Island (37 feet tall).

Easter Island’s Mo’ai: The Full Picture

Check out this photograph of a giant Mo’ai head from Easter Island. As you can see, it has a giant underground body to go with it. The statue’s arms run down its sides and the hands are folded across its mid-section. By the way, Thor Heyerdahl is the man standing on the statue’s left side (your right). He is wearing a blue shirt and blue pants and his arm is resting against the statue’s side.

Sadly, you can’t see this body today…Heyerdahl reburied the bottom half of the statue shortly after completing his measurements. That’s all for now…enjoy!

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